Thursday, September 26, 2019

Basic Quantitative Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Basic Quantitative Analysis - Essay Example The glossary- like essay is prepared based principally on the typical book by Paul C. Cozby titled Methods in Behavioral Research. Some other established and authentic books are also cited. It is used to compare between two or more individual students of two or more divisions, classes or schools or the performance of two or more classes or schools, or the performance of an individual under two or more dissimilar testing conditions in terms of possession of some attributes or characteristics. Gravetter, Forzano (2008) assert that when the data is presented not in numerical values we have no alternative other than comparing the proportions or percentiles (p.452). In order to compare the achievements of two individuals or groups, the means are compared. It is possible when the scores are distributed in numerical figures. We compare mean score first, and then we do means. Contrary to both, in co relational study, we compare two variables for each and every individual, included in a particular group, and the score of different groups. If the data is numerical we resort to co relational studies, if not we use chi-square. (p.453) The name pie chart is given to a circle diagram. In determining the circumference of a circle we have to take into consideration a quantity known as ‘pie’. In this form of graphical representation, the data is represented through the sections or portions of circle. It is a graph in which frequencies are represented by bars, arranged one touching the next. The height of the bar will represent the frequency of the class. The area of the rectangle is proportionate to its frequency. In this way the total area of a bar graph which includes all those rectangular bars will represent the total frequency or ‘N’. A polygon is a many-sided closed figure. A frequency polygon is a graphic representation of a given frequency distribution. In this graph, the midpoints of the classes are plotted on the X-axis, to

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